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About Us

At Inversiones Las Chumecas, we find inspiration in each coffee bean, we are proud to be a company dedicated to the export of high quality coffee from the beautiful town of Guaimaca, Honduras. Since our inception we have established ourselves as a benchmark in the coffee industry, offering excellent products. We work hand in hand with strategic business partners, complying with international quality and sustainability standards. Our commitment to fair trade and the socioeconomic development of our community is a fundamental priority in all our operations.

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The name Guaimaca has been used since 1682. In the native language, xicaque means “place of many amate trees”, because very early before the conquest of Honduras, Guaimaca was a place with many precious forests and a great variety of flora and fauna.

People loved how the place was full of beautiful Amate trees, and years later they realized that it was an ideal place to grow coffee, especially north of Guaimaca, where the Misoco mountain range is located. Since then and to date, the native inhabitants have taken advantage of the virtues of the land in Guaimaca.

Mr. Pedro José Aguilar and his wife Yesenia Oyuela, owners of Finca Las Chumecas, identified a quality grain. They continued working hard to establish a sustainable production center, committed to Honduran society and nature.


Our mission at Inversiones Las Chumecas is to be leaders in the export of high quality coffee from Guaimaca, Honduras. We strive to offer exceptional products that delight our customers around the world, while promoting the sustainable development of the coffee community and the well-being of our collaborators.


We see ourselves as a leading and sustainable coffee exporter, recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in the production and export of high-quality coffee and for being a model of social and environmental responsibility.








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