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Education and support to our growers

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive support to our employees, training and educating them on a wide range of topics related to coffee growing. We firmly believe that investing in the knowledge and development of our team is essential to achieve excellence at each stage of our supply chain.

In addition to training in cultivation techniques, we also focus on promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We believe in the importance of conserving our natural resources and in the responsible care of the communities in which we operate. For this reason, we include educational modules on sustainable agriculture, soil conservation methods, efficient water management and the implementation of good agricultural practices.


Training "Good techniques and equipment management"


Throughout the year, all our collaborators are constantly trained. In the images you can see the our growers and members of the permanent staff in the training of "Good equipment management techniques", which consists of teaching the proper use of the production line, to package the final product prior to export.

Road Safety Training


In this training, producers are oriented on traffic laws during the transport of coffee from the farms to the collection points for the corresponding processes. This training is intended to raise awareness about the dangers of carrying coffee and how to avoid accidents and personal safety.

Training "Soil Treatment"


Our collaborators learn to carry out soil analysis to determine the current pH and to interpret the results. They also receive guidance on how to correct pH imbalances through amendments and proper fertilization practices. We explore different methods to raise or lower the pH according to the specific needs of each plantation, always keeping in mind sustainability and respect for the environment.

Training "Efficient Fertilization in Coffee"


In our coffee exporter, we have established a valuable collaboration with DISAGRO, a renowned company specialized in agricultural fertilization. Together, we have designed a training program on "Efficient Fertilization in Coffee", with the aim of providing our producers with the necessary tools and knowledge to optimize fertilizer management in coffee plantations.

First Aid Training


Our first aid training program is designed to provide our associates with the basic skills necessary to provide immediate and appropriate assistance until medical personnel arrive. During the training, topics such as emergency scene assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), hemorrhage control, injury stabilization, and management of common illnesses are covered.

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